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Avorio Restaurant and Bar Review, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta

I went to find out what Scandal in Plaza Senayan was all about and was disappointed to find that it is simply the newest incarnation of Mojito pool hall which is only remarkable in that they can convince their (bored) waitresses to wear skirts so short. I ambled out of there (service fail) and strolled downstairs to Avorio, an Italian restaurant and bar across the hallway from Rustique. The waitress greeted and seated us in a great position for noseying. Directly across from us was the bar area which is entirely a working bar with no seating as it would be impossible to keep a hold of your drink with the bar sloping at about 30 degrees. Behind the bar is a mirrored panel with some kind of mock-Javanese topographical surrounding. Mz described it as looking ‘like poop’. High-brow interior design analysis there, folks. The bar design seems somewhat at odds to the rest of the restaurant which seemed to have a theme tied through it.


The opposite wall looks as if someone has poured industrial quantities of black cherry yoghurt from the ceiling and then left it to set. Comparisons with intestines would not go amiss either.

Thankfully I sat with my back to this abortion

I chose the Australian Rib Eye Steak with Rosemary and Herb butter and Mz ordered the Barbecued Default Lack of Daringness with spicy tomato sauce, which she surprisingly didn’t season with cabe rawit. Mine was delicious, although some more potatoes would not have been a bad thing. The bread basket helped to make up for the lack of carbohydrates.


While waiting for the above to arrive, I took a wander around. The rest of the restaurant was actually quite tastefully done, although I did find the house music really rather unfeeling to those of us who just wanted to chill on a Saturday afternoon. Pass the E’s, Dazza!

The view of the non-smoking area (spoilsports, hehe)

To cut a short story shorter as I have a broken little finger on my left hand, this place is a food win, a service win, a decor fail and a music uber-fail.

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