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Tapas Movida Restaurant Review, 66 Cipete Raya, Jakarta Selatan

Lots of room to molest felines


I returned the weekend prior to the Lebaran holidays and the place was full of happy, noise-making customers. The chef came round and had a chat to all the customers and seemed like a really nice guy. I had tenderloin, brie and peppers on toast (x2) – delicious. Unlike other restaurants of this calibre, there is nothing even slightly pretentious about Tapas Movida. It is friendly, warm and relaxed. GO THERE!


In a word, WOW! I spotted this place on my Facebook feed after two of my friends befriended their page. Since they had already shown exemplary taste by friending me, I decided to check the place out.
Upon arrival I was disappointed to find the car park deserted and it was really hard to discern if the place was open, with the sun beating down on the smoked glass.
The parking attendant Bapak cheerfully informed us that it was indeed open. We strolled in to find ourselves the only customers at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. That didn’t bode well as I always think of Spanish restaurants as busy places with intimacy enforced simply through lack of space.
But this place seemed airy and spacious and with more than enough room to swing a long-tailed cat. The decor is tastefully done and feels authentic. It doesn’t overdo the details.

Dance-off, Espanyol style.

The menu is comprehensive and pleasingly doesn’t shy away from ham/pork. So if you are looking for a place to buka puasa I would suggest that Tapas Movida may not be for you. We ordered Tenderloin, Cambozola and caramelised onion on toast, Ham Croquettes, Spiced Potato, and meatballs.

Tenderloin, cambozola and caramelised onion on toast

The tenderloin toast was a taste-gasm and had the Mz wide-eyed with enjoyment. The spiced potatoes came covered with a very fresh tomato sauce which offset the richness of the croquettes.

Spiced potatoes and ham croquettes

With indoor and outdoor seating, fantastic fresh food, and good attentive service,this place seems to have worked out a winning formula.

The outdoor seating area

Well done, Tapas Movida for showing us that Jakarta can still impress its diners.

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  1. Any relation to the Movida’s in Melbourne?

    Comment by Anonymous | August 17, 2011 | Reply

    • nah, they probably just ripped off their concept.

      Comment by Jason Engmann | September 13, 2011 | Reply

  2. No idea. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002609010528 can provide the answers. Ask for Manuel.

    Comment by jakartarestaurantreviews | September 4, 2011 | Reply

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