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Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant Review, Jl. Cipete Raya, Jakarta

After having a little review rest, during which I just visited places I had been before (mainly the pub), I decided to re-check out Black Canyon Coffee as I had visited two separate outlets and experienced polar opposite service. The branch in Cipete had courteous and seemingly experienced staff, whereas the outlet in Kemang, at the recently revamped Codefin Building, had a depressingly small menu, of which most was “Habis, Mister.” They seemed terribly unfazed by this and took no steps to offer alternatives. I flounced out in a strop and went to Secret Recipe, whose secret recipe seems to be to make inauthentic versions of Western dishes. Since I can do that myself at home, I was not impressed.
My second experience of Black Canyon Coffee in Cipete was just as good as my first. The staff took requests to adapt the menu to suit my tastes, and offered alternative versions of the listed dishes. I ordered Beef in Hot Basil Sauce (an adaptation of the Seafood in Hot Basil from the menu) and Nasi Putih, and back to her old self, Mz had the Ayam Bakar Lalapan with nasi and stir-fried mixed vegetables. Both meals were served lickety-split, and were piping. My beef was lovely and tender, but a tad too salty, and Mz’ chicken looked excellent, with non taste-impairing char stripes from the grill. The skin was crispy but the flesh succulent and light. While she ate her vegetables, I helped with the chicken because I am gentlemanly like that. It had a rich sweetness from the glaze that I wasn’t expecting but which worked well.
The place seemed reasonably busy as of 4pm on a Thursday during the Lebaran holidays but the waiters were still attentive and prompt.
Smokers be aware that the outside area is for smokers and the air-conditioned inner area is non-smoking. So if you want to smoke, prepare to perspire a little too, or bring a coolie with a large fan.
Also be aware that their iced milk is served with syrup sugar! This didn’t impress me and we weren’t offered replacements for what I consider to be their balls-up. Would you expect to have to check if your nice fresh milk was adulterated with syrup?! Apparently all of their milk is ready sweetened which I expect is not quite the truth.
That’s my review break done for another year, so prepare for more regular reviews again. I may even charge mine and Mz’ cameras! Bon appetit!

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September 24, 2009 - Posted by | A Bit of Everything, Coffee | , , ,


  1. Great blog! Arrived here from Jenzcorner.

    Yeah, never understand why the excuse that everything has already been ‘pre-made’. I guess they don’t want to give a replacement.

    Comment by V | September 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the comment V! What weirded me out is the idea that a coffee shop/restaurant couldn’t serve just ordinary everyday milk. It is premixed with sugar? What if I wanted an unsweetened latte?

    Comment by jakartarestaurantreviews | September 27, 2009 | Reply

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